DStv 4 Output Smart LNB


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The LNB is a combination of low-noise amplifier, frequency mixer, local oscillator and intermediate frequency (IF) amplifier. It serves as the RF front end of the satellite receiver, receiving the microwave signal from the satellite collected by the dish, amplifying it, and downconverting the block of frequencies to a lower block of intermediate frequencies (IF).


30 User Bands


F Type


3 Unicable Outputs, 1 Universal Output

The DStv Smart LNB is designed and manufactured for DStv installations where customers make use of their own satellite dish. It is not generally suitable for multiple unit dwellings (complexes/apartments) or commercial/retail environments. The DStv Smart LNB combines the features of a DStv Switch into the LNB and is recommended for all DStv Explora and most XtraView installations.

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